5 Star Remarkable Loop Paper is now available at B-Line!

5 Star Remarkable Loop Paper is a new innovative paper that allows you to recycle the paper you use again and again! The pulp that is used to make the Remarkable Loop paper is 100% made up from consumer waste, instead of the paper being used or thrown on to a landfill site we can collect your waste paper and transport it back to the paper mill for it to be pulped and recreated back in to copier paper for you to use.

5 Star Remarkable Loop Product ImageCompared to normal paper, the production of 5 Star Remarkable Loop paper uses 83% less water, 72% energy, 53% less CO2 and 100% less timber! By using Remarkable Loop you are ensuring that you are making a positive contribution towards a better environment.

From £11.79* per box of 2500 sheets, not only do you get the box of paper, we will provide a recycling box for you to use and we will then collect your waste paper so it can be recycled for you to use again.

So, to help protect the UK enviroment, save energy and our precious resources you can now order 5 Star Remarkable Loop Paper by contacting the B-Line sales office on 01865 594 550, sending an email to sales@b-line.co.uk or even by ordering online here – http://b-line.easyorder.eu/

*Standard price £13.79 per box, however if you wish to commit to us collecting your waste paper free of charge, then £11.79 per box applies