From the 25th February through to the 10th of March it’s Fairtrade Fortnight and to celebrate this we have a fantastic promotion to encourage you to buy products that are of Fairtrade. Some of the brands that support Fairtrade in our promotion include Cadbury’s and Café Direct.

What Is Fairtrade?

If you are not aware of what Fairtrade actually is we can take a brief moment to explain to you how it all works. Fairtrade’s purpose is to create opportunities for producers and workers who have economically disadvantaged or marginalised by the conventional trading system. Through tireless campaigning the Fairtrade brand has helped guarantee a better deal for those in less developed economic countries produce products that can be sold in better off countries and ensures that those in production get a good deal for what they are selling. This then has a knock on effect as the producers can then help pay their employees a fair wage and also help develop their business further. Along with this the Fairtrade campaign looks to invest in community development with Fairtrade helping fund School’s, Farms and Health Centres in countries where those are less fortunate economically than ourselves.

Where Can I Find More Information About Fairtrade?

Should you require further information regarding Fairtrade products and the benefits of buying Fairtrade please visit

So instead of buying your normal coffee, tea and hot chocolate from B-Line, take advantage of our Fairtrade Fortnight Special Offers! If you have any queries regarding this promotion please contact the office on 01865 594550 or by email –