Technology today allows us to conduct much of our business and personal lives online, but sometimes a good face-to-face conversation is what’s really needed.

B-Line Founder and Chairman Dave Beesley is a staunch advocate of business networking: “People buy from people, a well-worn phrase but still true today and B-Line has been built on face-to-face contact. We’ve survived 25 years so it must work! We don’t just sell stationery or furniture products; we sell cost-effective business solutions that can transform the way a business works, saving them time and money. Before we can sell though we need to understand how we can add value, which is one reason for our free audit.”

B-Line has invested heavily in technology to support the way we do business today but hasn’t forgotten the importance of ‘real’ contact. But these days – as well as Dave – you’re just as likely to bump into Managing Director Phil Beesley, Owen Walters or Gabriel Sutton at a networking event near you.

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