B-Line’s been flying round the famous Daytona International race track in Florida at speeds of up to 180 miles an hour!

Now when we say B-Line we don’t mean the MD, Directors or even the Chairman (though he’d love to). Nor do we mean our customer service team or (thankfully) any of the B-Line delivery vans you see out and about taking stationery and office supplies to our customers in Oxfordshire. We actually mean our logo – attached as it is to local motorsport star James Walker (see http://www.jwalkermotorsport.com/). James jumped on a plane to the USA after receiving a late call-up to compete in the Rolex 24 hour endurance race at Daytona. His challenge: to race a Porsche GT3 for the Canadian team Bullet Racing, sharing the track with ex F1 drivers Martin Brundle, Mark Blundell, and Juan Pablo Montoya. And where James goes racing so does the B-Line logo.

2011 is the second year we’ve supported James’ motorsport career – this year to help us celebrate our 25 years in the stationery and office supplies business. So we’ll be looking out for his results and getting along to watch when we can – though not at Daytona (unless…could we get that past expenses? Er…no!)

So look out for James on the TV and in the motor racing media and let us know if you catch the B-Line logo moving at high speed. Now must go and check the speed limiters are working on those delivery vans of ours.